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CMOs Beat Themselves Up Over Poor Performance

An interesting piece in BrandWeek about a new Accenture survey that shows how CMOs are taking a hard look at what they and their companies are doing (or not) to make it through this seemingly endless recession:

Only about two in ten surveyed said their companies very effectively use most channels to reach, influence or interact with customers. The most effective channels cited are in-person contact with front-line employees and encouraging existing customers to recommend corporate products and services. Beyond those, however, less than 20 percent of respondents said they effectively use digital channels like corporate Web sites, online communities, online advertising, and mobile and location-based marketing; traditional advertising such as print, television and radio; and direct mail and telemarketing.

Marketers gave themselves the lowest marks in leveraging digital channels, monitoring and optimizing marketing's contribution and using channels strategically. Accenture found survey …