Go to Hell on Your Own Time!

From AdWeek:

For the last nine months, Electronic Arts has been promoting the upcoming videogame release Dante's Inferno, based on Dante's first book of The Divine Comedy, with a campaign from Wieden + Kennedy telling gamers to "Go to hell." On the Super Bowl, an EA spot will instead inform viewers that "Hell awaits." 

I really get my hackles up when Victorian morals intrude on modern-day advertising, by gum. And gosh dingy-dang it all, not only is it a whole lot less FUN, but from a business standpoint, that lame-o squeaky-clean replacement tagline will probably sell a whole heckuva lot less product, too.

Jiminy Christmas, can't those Puritans just relax and let us have a good time, for once? Sufferin' succotash!


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