Are Leads Gathering Forms Actually Deterring Prospects?

I've been struggling with this one for a while: You get someone to your site. You want them to see your demo so they can fall in love with your product. But in order to get a peek, they have to give up some data.

Now, certainly we would want only qualified buyers to be using our bandwidth and seeing that expensive web demo...or would we want pretty much anyone to see it, and look for an upside to the brand value and expect to see a rise in overall sales as a result?

I haven't seen a definitive study on this yet. I see lots of good conjecture, but has anyone found a reputable data point that says we should get info first, give goodies second, or is vice versa--free goodies, asking for info later--the better approach?

Over at there is a good discussion of all this and some good articles, but no study. I found a claim from a 2006 paper given at the MarketingSherpa's Demand Generation Summit that 94% take a look at the form and then leave, but there was no citation to back up that data. However, there were some good tips on how to make forms better (see Mistake 10) . I have no idea why this PDF is living on that architecture firms website...Google seeks...Google finds...

Anyone got some input on this?


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