Ho Ho Hum. The "Doghouse" is Back

There's a reason Tootsie Pop waited nearly forty years to rerun their classic "How many licks..." ad on TV again.

Too bad somebody from Tootsie Pop wasn't advising JC Penney, which has decided to run it's very popular "Doghouse" viral video again this year (from AdAge):
Regardless of whether the ad critics liked JC Penney's "Beware of the Doghouse" viral video last year, the masses did.
I very much enjoyed the original, even though it was long (why does everybody have so much trouble with good things being longer than stupid things?), but I have to say I was barely able to manage a 'heh' to this holiday regurgitation.

Fellow Ad Men: Can we please build on our successes, not hide inside of them?


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