Luxury Brands: Lost in the Woods?

My previous post about luxury retailers "getting online religion" was countered this morning by an article in the very same publication, the NY Times. Of course, the roadblock ad that came up before they would show me the business section was one for Bulgari watches. How appropriate...

“What’s luxury retailing about?” Mr. Sadove said. “It is about a scarcity of supply.”

Well, if luxury retailing is about scarcity of supply, then why are so many luxury brands looking to go the route of online retailing, which promises the lowest price and immediate availability?

I think there's some confusion in the cabal luxe about the collective message they should be sending to consumers. That having been said, I was in Barney's just yesterday, and the salesman told me of a pending "secret" price reduction, but cautioned that this was going to be it, and that inventory was so low, there probably wouldn't be much left for after Christmas bargain hunters. 

Get it now! Limited time offer! This exclusive discount applies only to a select group of valuable customers! Heck, Caples himself could have written the script for this one!


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